Zinc: How It Works, Effects & Results Revealed [2020]

Zinc may sound just like an ordinary naturally occurring mineral to people, but in reality, it is very much important to men’ health.

We live in a world where lack of exercise and healthy foods makes our system weakened.

Especially men who are suffering from many conditions such as erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, premature ejaculation and mental depression are somehow related to Zinc deficiency.

What if we told you that the little bit of Zinc fluctuation in our body can bring many outcomes, some of which are negative and some are beneficial.

Zinc – What It Actually Is?

Our overall body composition contains a marked quantity of Zinc, which regulates many cellular and extracellular functions. 

In human body Zinc can be found in bones, muscles, kidney, pancreas, liver and eyes.

Approximately every important process that is going on in our body requires Zinc for the proper maintenance.

These are the main process which needs Zinc as an essential element.

  • DNA Synthesis
  • Protein Synthesis
  • Wound Healing
  • Cell Division
  • Growth Hormone Production
  • Stimulation of about 100 Enzymes
Zinc Deficiency

Not every individual gets required amount of Zinc, which they suppose to get.

The Effects of Low Zinc

So, For fulfills their Zinc requirement with the food while the other switch to the Zinc supplementation.

When your body is getting low Zinc these are the symptoms which can begin to appear.

  • Inhibited Growth
  • Weight Loss
  • Anorexia
  • Weakened Immune System

Some cases reportedly experienced loss of eyesight, impotency and hair loss which accelerated in a faster.

The benefitBenefit of Zinc for Men’s Health

1. Zinc is Good for Cardio Health

Austrcenterresearch centre for cardiovascular health dubbed Zinc as an essential mineral which can decrease the occurrence of many heart-related diseases such as Coronary heart disease, Myocard, al Infarction and Cardiomyopathy.

Zinc has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property, without which your heart muscles get weak and cannot pump the adequate amount of blood to other body parts.

In many studies it is also concluded that Zinc deficiency can cause deposition of fats in the blood vessels which is commonly known as atherosclerosis.

A group was taken where they were provided 45 mg of Zinc Gluconate for six months, after which their heart condition was monitored.

The results clearly showed remarkable decrease in the rate of atherosclerosis.

2. Zinc Increases Natural Production of Testosterone

production of testosterone

Without Zinc men’s body cannot produce sufficient amount of Testosterone which is the most important hormone for men.

Many bodybuilders around the world take Zinc supplements in order to boost total and free testosterone level, which in turn enhances the process of muscle building.

For this purpose a group of male was taken with low Testosterone level. 

Continuous intake of Zinc for 20 weeks showed remarkable changes in their physical and mental health which is caused bofan elevation in T-Level.

3. Zinc Treats Erectile Dysfunction

A failure to achieve an erection, that’s what they say about erectile dysfunction.

ED is mostly caused by low testosterone level, which can be fixed by daily Zinc intake.

Not just it, but it can improve the spermatogenesis which makes you highly fertile.

4. Zinc Ignite Sexual Trait and Enhance Libido

Upon zinc consumption the level of Testosterone rises in increases which increase men’s libido.

Men with low sex drive are often tired of their relationships and it can get severely depressing.

A study in 2010 tells us a story where a group of men with kidney disease was gathered.

Upon Zinc supplementation their T-Level rises which helped them perform sexually very well, and also their kidney-related symptoms were 50% dropped.

5. Zinc Is Beneficial For Prostate Health
prostate health

Men with prostate cancer develop tumors in their prostate, which makes them infertile and gradually impotent.

Presence of Zinc in your bloodstream can inhibit tumor’s growth and prevent the chances of you being impotent.

15 mg of Zinc intake every day can reduce the chance of Prostate Cancer growth by 66%.

6. Zinc Enhance Physical Energy and Endurance Level

High level of Zinc rapidly converts the food energy into real energy which gives you an ultimate stamina and elevated performances.

Zinc is known to increase the communication between muscle fibers which increase the chances of physical fitness and agility.

Men with Zinc deficiency are much prone to lethargy, lost muscle strength and unstable cardio-respiratory functions.

7. Zinc Gives you Shiny Hair and Skin

A large group of medical experts’ believes that Zinc has a certain impact on hair and skin.

Upon Zinc consumption, many people posted their reviews about how their skin tone and hair falling issue has been treated.

Also, the rate of pimples development has also been decreased.

This is because Zinc clears the digestive path and keeps it ongoing which has dithe rect effects on skin.

What Is The Best Zinc Supplements For Men?

We would never ask you to purchase any Zinc supplement which contains more synthetic ingredients than what your body demands.

It is very much harder to find the right supplement which contain pure amount of Zinc, most of them are just about selling their products to the native users.

best zinc supplements for men

However the natural based supplements which contain free Zinc can be trusted, especially for the men who are struggling with their sexual and physical efforts.

In the health market, you can find these 2 supplements which contain the proper amount of Zinc and which have got the highly positive reviews.

1. Testo-Max

  • Manufacturer: Crazy Bulk
  • Nature: Herbal
  • Purpose: High Testosterone Level/Muscle Building
  • Amount of Zinc per dose: 7 mg
  • Customer Reviews: Positive
  • Side Effects: None
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Final Thoughts

It is quite easy to assess if you have Zinc Deficiency. In males, it appears as erectile dysfunction or muscle cramps which later turns into lethargy.

If you are amongst the malignant case, please consult a doctor who can prescribe you the legit Zinc tonic.

Or if you want to try something extra, you can chose between Testo Max and Testogen but they also requires you to do a little bit of a workout.