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How to Get Extreme Strength and Performance [2020]

One common problem that is faced by all is the lack of extreme strength.

Now, performing any good workout needs full potential of strength and good strength even has a good impact on the overall health.

How to Get Extreme Strength and Performance

It is quite usual to observe that an athlete has strong muscles in the lower back area due to performing deadlifts and squatting.


He may not have strong abdominal area and vice versa.

It happens because individuals often opt for individual exercises rather focusing on the exercises related to the core.

They usually miss exercises that focus on lower back, hip flexors, abdominals serratus, and oblique etc.

They usually do not pay heed to movements that need stability and develop strength in these areas or more specifically, the muscles of these regions.

Moreover, optional Lifts like leg extensions are good at defining and toning the quads but this is not the way you use to build a powerful, functional lower body region.

If one is willing to get stronger legs, he must go for heavy movements (compound) for example, lunges, and squats.

In the same very fashion, variations of body weight crunch are not going to develop power and strength in the midsection because usually some athletes never place an impactful load on the muscles that can provide stability to the core, they hardly work on the abdominals.

However, it is important to remember that there are various possible options through which you can actually get extreme strength and Performance.

Here are just a few of them.

1. Heavy Weight & Interval Training

If you want to welcome natural stamina and hormonal balance, combine HIIT workouts (interval training with high intensity) with weight training.

High-Intensity Interval Training

Go to the gym at least thrice a week and do heavy weight lifting.

Heavyweight lifting six to twelve reps with larger muscle groups, such as hamstrings; shoulder, chest, quadriceps, and back will support the body the right way to grow good ratio of muscles.

Moreover, the researchers confirm this point that Strength training has the potential to increase growth hormone and the secretion of hormones like testosterone.

Another university research has found the effects of weight lifting on the testosterone levels.

It is important to remember that weight training with the right interval training can actually promote better HGH.

2. Consuming Fat is a sure way!

As per a myth, Fat is absolutely bad for us.

Consuming Fat is a sure way

Think again because Fat has a crucial and stunning role to play when it comes to balancing the right levels of hormones.

The right levels of hormones have a lot to do with better levels of stamina and energy levels.

Even, according to a study, when the diet has above average ratio of saturated and monounsaturated fats, the rise in the right hormones is bound to take place.

Moreover, in a research, it has been confirmed that when the men subjects substituted their diet from a high-fat content diet to a low-fat content diet, they faced noticeably decreased levels of testosterone formation and declined androgen circulation.

It is crucial to remember, it is not just the fat content you eat, but also the kind of fat you are adding to your diet matter a lot.

  • Examples of good quality saturated fats: coconut oil, dark chocolate, egg yolks, cheese, and red meat
  • Example of good quality monounsaturated fats: almonds, avocados, peanut butter, and olive oil

3. Do you think, longer workouts are good? Think again!!!!!

Strength and performance can be influenced by workouts’ duration.

short time workouts

If you tend to engage yourself in regular long workout sessions, it may imbalance chemicals.

Any workout that lasts longer than an hour, it is likely to spike levels of stress hormone (cortisol) and significantly decrease testosterone.

Furthermore, studies have confirmed that a shorter duration rest period between sets ( one minute to 3 minutes) obtains higher hormonal responses a short spell of resistance training.

Bottom Line:

To keep your workout outcomes at the optimal state, keep your rest duration as short as possible and keep your workout not longer than sixty minutes.

4. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is actually good for improving strength. Intermittent fasting is not something that you can underestimate.



It is something that can even increase right substances in your body up to 200 % to 400 %.

Moreover, in a research by Virginia Medical School, growth hormone levels improved 2,000 % in males who did not take any food around 24 hours and it is important to remember, growth hormone levels are in connection with testosterone.

Intermittent fasting first allows you to skip your breakfast, and you take meals in a frequent manner. You will surely take three meals but first meal around noon, second meal around 3:00 p.m. and the third one at 6 p.m.

This method of taking food actually lets your internal organ have some rest, precisely the liver, which is rather important for the natural apt balance of hormones.

Intermittent fasting can play a crucial role in strength gains.

5. Food

There are numerous food items that you can add to your diet and you will surely get the right benefits.

Some of those food items are

a) Fenugreek Extract

Health Benefits Of fenugreek

The extract of Fenugreek is quite effective in helping out the chemical mechanism of the human body.

When the chemical mechanism of the human body is working in the right way, this chemical mechanism will have a significant impact on libido and muscle mass etc.

b) Zinc

Zinc is not something that you can easily neglect. Zinc deficiency can occur in both genders and it has a connection with lower levels of T hormone.

c) Vitamin D

When we are talking about a good balance of hormones, how come, we will miss Vitamin D.

People, who have high levels of vitamin D, will surely have the better levels of testosterone as well.

These are not just some assumptions but something that various reports have confirmed.

d) DAA (D-Aspartic Acid)

Okay, so it is an amino acid that is present in the tissues of neuroendrocrine. It has the capabilities of forming better T hormone.

Not only it is beneficiary of T hormone but it can also be helpful for luteinizing hormone (LH).

6. Say No To Stress

Stress is certainly a double-edged sword when you are talking about strength training.

Taking on too much WILL create more stress.

Stress is something that is somehow necessary for our physical growth.

For instance: every single time, when you pick a weight, you are generating a limited amount of stress that as a response, accommodate your muscular growth.

We find this stress absolutely necessary for improving our physical health.


Is mental stress help us or have any positive impact on our lifting?

Frequent stress tends to provoke sympathetic nervous system reactions, trigger cortisol, and epinephrine release (adrenaline).

The frequent reactions like these due to stress tend to affect weight gain and reduction in weight because of insulin resistance (amelioration in the blood glucose levels).

7. Proceed food a complete No

When you perform workouts, your involved organs definitely need a better level of oxygen.

Eliminating Processed Foods from Your Diet

Thus, a lot of blood travel toward your lungs to fulfill your essential needs to keep you alive.


Are you aware, what happens to you when you are dependent on the processed foods?

Plaque building takes place in the blood arteries that just make it tougher for your blood to even flow in the normal way.

Therefore, your heart bears a tough time and starts working abnormally to keep things smooth.

This is the very stage when heart diseases start to develop.

At first, it is just hard to breathe properly during the workout sessions; your lungs need a better supply of oxygen unfortunately when your blood is not able to travel fast.

If you are not even able to breathe right, it will be better to forget about endurance, better performance, and strength training.

8. Sleep right!

Your body has the ability to generate testosterone.


The Importance Of Sleep!

When you lack quality sleep, your body will tend to diminish the natural ratio of testosterone, fat loss, and muscle growth.

The research indicates that an amount of sleep is directly proportional to the morning time testosterone levels.

Moreover, there is another research of the Chicago University that indicates the longer sleep around seven to nine hours can actually maximize the response of testosterone hormone.

Repeat this mantra again and again!

Better sleep gives you strength for performing exercise and better exercise leads you to better sleep. It is a continuous cycle that leaves you in a win-win situation if you follow it right.

9. Supplementation

In the era where we are living, there will be nothing wrong if we opt for supplements.

There is a misconception in the mind of many people that supplementation is nothing but a waste of time and putting your life in danger.

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However, it is better to say that the right supplementation has the ability to give you benefits without pushing your life into some sort of danger.

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