Fenugreek Benefits and Effects – Legal Testosterone Booster!

Fenugreek is one of the testosterone boosting herbs which have other benefits for men’s health.

Medical science is progressing each day where it comes with a new technique to enhance human body functions every day.

As we can see a lot of use of any naturally occurring plant have been reported which are now available in supplement form.

There are herbs that improve physical performance and cognitive skills, herbs which battle infectious diseases, herbs which eradicate painful conditions and then there are some plants which naturally increase the level of Testosterone.

Fenugreek – What is it?

Fenugreek is a Greek cuisine, which has multiple culinary uses. India is the largest supplier of fenugreek currency which is used to make spice and curry powders.

benefits of Fenugreek Seeds
Fenugreek Seeds

Speaking about the herb taste in food, well it got a pungent smell and a bitter taste, but if you see from the medicinal point of view it has several uses.

Most commonly used in arthritis to relieve the pain intensity, whereas, in a Diabetic patient, it is known to decrease blood sugar levels.

The latest use of Fenugreek is that it elevates the production of Testosterone and increases its free amount.

However, there are only limited products which add fenugreek to their formula.

Fenugreek and Testosterone

Clinical evidence from different areas show that fenugreek indeed boosts free testosterone in men, and that is achieved through different principles.

What is it like to increase free testosterone in men? Well for the starters, your sexual power will be escalated quickly along with the physical and mental fitness.

Men who take Testosterone supplement must have fenugreek in it because it’s essential testosterone boosting ingredients.

How Fenugreek Increase Testosterone?

There were many studies conducted regarding the effects of Fenugreek.

boost testosterone level naturally
Fenugreek and Testosterone

One of the studies is about 2-10 weeks where animals and human trials were taking place.

Upon regular dose of Fenugreek, it was clear that none of the systems of human or animal body were harmed, in fact, there were some remarkable effects noted.

1. Fenugreek Improves Free Testosterone Levels

The stimulation occurs when TSH (Testosterone releasing hormone) is released in the human body, upon release it causes the development of muscle mass and elevates libido.

Free testosterone is beneficial as it can be utilized rapidly.

In a study of total 6 weeks, 60 members were taken from age 25-52 that were given daily doses of fenugreek.

After 6 weeks they noticed the remarkable growth of muscular mass with marked fat eradication.

Supplements who do not increase free testosterone are supposed to work for a very short time period.

2. Fenugreek Breaks the Enzyme That Breaks Testosterone

It is known to inhibit the enzyme that breaks the structure of testosterone and convert it into an inactive form.

When the level of this enzyme decreases, ultimately your body will get the highest T-level.

When the level of aromatase and reductase is declined, your body natural capacity of executing androgenic activity is doubled.

3. Fenugreek Re-defines Lean Muscle Mass

There was a study where 30 trained athletes were taken and they were given daily doses of Fenugreek 500 mg for about 8 weeks.

During the 8 weeks period, they were adopted exercise plan 4 days a week.

After the study, their body composition was significantly enhanced along with their muscle density and isotonicity. The fat percentage was reduced up to 35% which gave their lean muscle a sculpted look.

Extra Benefits of Fenugreek

The prime benefit of Fenugreek is the elevation of Testosterone which makes you able performs with extreme agility and strength.

Fenugreek Seed Extract
fenugreek testosterone benefits

Except for the testosterone boosting effects, Fenugreek has some other benefits to offer which are:

  • Enhanced libido and sexual performance
  • Antioxidant property fights free radicals
  • Empower the immune system by increasing the synthesis of WBC (White Blood Cells)
  • Natural fat burner
  • Lowers blood sugar and cholesterol level
  • Manages high blood pressure
  • In women, supplements of fenugreek enhance estrogen which enlarges their breast size
  • Good for gut health, reduce acidity and acid reflux
Side Effects

The data doesn’t show that this herb causes any sort of side effect.

However, on a higher dose, it can cause sudden Hypoglycemia which might lead to fainting.

Other notable side effects of Fenugreek includes

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Allergy
  • Should not be given to pregnant women

Fenugreek Supplements

The best way to take Fenugreek is in powder form which gets the highest bioavailability.

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fenugreek supplements

Internet these days is selling a plethora of supplements with fenugreek in it, but it is important to assure the quality of that product.

Majority of the products that are being sold online are scams due to which many people are not into supplements anymore.

Testosterone boosters like Testo Max and Testogen are two unique choices which might fulfill your daily requirement.

These supplements contain different doses of fenugreek along with other testosterone boosting herbs such as Tribulus Terrestris, Panax Ginseng etc.

In case if you want to know about any of these two products, TestoGen or TestoMax you can visit their official webpage and find how they can help you achieve maximum testosterone, all by natural.

Final Verdict

It is one of those herbs which offer more than 20 benefits to human health, which is why it is being used for centuries.

Now, talking about its effect on testosterone, well it is proven by many studies that fenugreek components have a marked effect on testosterone level and it certainly boosts the level by 110%.

Individuals who have low T-Level is living a very abnormal life where they cannot sustain physical energy either handle sexual confrontation.

It is due to the lack of Testosterone that makes a man such a feeble looking creature or a hunk with ideal body shape.

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fenugreek results

Our recommendation would be Testo-Max and TestoGen which are natural testosterone boosters with decent quantity and quality of Fenugreek available inside.

It’s not just Fenugreek that increases T-Level but you also need Zinc, Vitamin D3 and another complex of vitamins which you can find in the recommended products.